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At Boston Financialís Event Center, we have been assisting clients with special events for almost 20 years. An event is a process that has a finite start and finish where it would be unrealistic for a client to make an investment in securing additional facilities, hardware, or staffing. We work with our customers during their business events to provide supplemental resources to support new products, services, and regulations; alleviating their need for a financial investment in increased staffing and infrastructure.

Partnering with Boston Financialís Event Center is a smart choice. By leaving the planning and execution of your special business events to our experienced professionals, you can focus on your clients and core competencies. Our Event Center specializes in delivering various shareholder communications, often requiring a specific call to action. Past events include payments to shareholders for varying reasons (e.g., class action settlement payments received for closed funds), regulatory mailings (e.g., annual reports, privacy, Books and Records), fund marketing campaigns, demutualizations, and IPOís.