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Self-service account access technology. 100% turnkey.

Connect investors, fund companies, and intermediaries with the account information they need, when they need it. Boston Financial offers several solutions powered by DST Systems' technologies:

  • FAN Web™ Enables fund companies to equip investors with online account access through their website or directly through ISP services.
  • TA2000/Voice™ Provides investors with telephone access to their financial information.
  • TRAC/Web™ Equips participants, plan sponsors, and third-party administrators with self-service internet access to retirement plan information in a real-time environment.
  • TRAC Web/Wireless™ Anytime, anywhere access to retirement plan information via web-enable mobile phones and PDAs.
  • TRAC/Voice™ Participants retrieve account information and perform transactions via touchtone telephone.
  • Vision Mutual Fund Gateway® Enables fund companies to provide advisors with convenient, cost-effective access to their investors’ mutual fund account information. Provides broker/dealers and advisors real-time investor account and book-of-business information with the ability to execute transactions, perform account maintenances, and establish new accounts. Provides advisors with access to electronic statements and allows them to view and order fund literature online. Provides back office tools for tracking assets within a management company.
  • FAN Mail® Provides intermediaries with database-friendly account information.