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Michele - Business Solutions Analyst

"I get a lot of support from both my peers and my management team."

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Matthew, Relationship Manager

The people at Boston Financial are great. One of the things that I enjoyed when I came over here two years ago was the immediate family feel. It's a real family organization and that in the end makes people care about their work.

Mara, Group Manager, Project Team

I have a good time at my job, I like my job, I like my staff, I like the people I work with its always fun.

Boston Financial has always fit into my life. I worked here part time when I was in college, and then when I graduated I was able to go full time. And then when I had small children I worked part-time nights, and when my children were old enough I was able to go days and I was able to move my career forward when I was ready in my personal life to do that and I think that a lot of people stay for similar reasons. So, it's just always worked in my life.

Michele, Business Solutions Analyst

The culture at Boston Financial is very open and flexible. I get a lot of support from both my peers and my management team. They have encouraged me to branch out and try some new things. This type of support gave me the confidence to expand on my existing skills and to develop new ones. Ultimately this helped me move into a role that is more suited to my strengths.